Finite element study of ultra high pressure vessel design


Gugliotta, Antonio




Scope of the thesis is the optimization of the design of a high pressure chamber with particular attention being directed to the geometric configuration of the cylindrical container and to the various loading conditions.

To achieve this objective a series of simulated tests have been conducted using the interactive computer package CLASS. A detailed analysis of the results is presented and the effects of the various design variables are examined.

A Finite Element computer program for axisymmetrical solids, which can handle non-axisymmetrical loads has been developed to further examine the cylinder and steel ring interface, where asymmetrical loads might be applied because of the non perfect matching of the two adjacent surfaces.

Finally, the computer program CLASS has been modified and adapted to the new Finite Element computer program in order to facilitate the introduction of input data and the analysis of results.


Pressure Vessels
High Pressure (Technology)
Finite Element Method -- Computer Programs
Class (Computer Program)




Carleton University

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Engineering, Mechanical

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