Finite element analysis of footings in granular approach fills


Antoniadis, John A.




The behaviour of a continuous footing on a granular slope is investigated by finite element methods. The experimental load-settlement behaviour, the normal stress and the shear stress distributions of a model footing are compared with the corresponding results obtained by finite element techniques. A prototype bridge abutment founded on granular slope is also analysed by a finite element method; the obtained load-settlement behaviour, as well as the normal and shear stress distributions are compared with the actual measurements at the bridge abutment. The load-settlement curves obtained by the finite element method were found to be in agreement with those obtained experimentally. The normal and shear stress distributions of the examined foundation on slope by finite element analysis, were compared with both theoretical and experimental stresses of a foundation on a flat ground. This comparison has been made since analytical and experimental stress distributions of a foundation on slopes are not available.


Concrete Footings -- Mathematical Models.
Foundations -- Mathematical Models.
Stress Concentration -- Mathematical Models.




Carleton University

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Engineering, Civil

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