The dark side of architecture

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Johnston, Adam




INTERESTED in finding limits - personally, of others, of society - and pushing

beyond them, to explore realms outside of the common and the comforting to

deepen and explore experiences, the dark side of architecture searches for the

edges, the margins of the accepted spaces of society and tries to transcend them

in an attempt to find new experience and space outside of the spheres of everyday

space. The dark side of architecture, then, may be understood as the spaces opposing

or outside of the ordinary, conventional or normal spaces; taboo space, finding

the limits of the accepted reflects not only rules and regulations, but also reflects

society, all other spaces and the morals and values of society - spatially and in

general. The dark side of architecture is an attempt to find these spaces that arc

either on the boundary or just beyond, in hope of procuring the characteristics and

possible potential contained within the unfamiliar, strange and unknown space.

This thesis is a speculation of the 'dark side', beginning with an attempt to define

the connotations and implications of the so called, dark side of architecture.

alongside a journey to attempt to locale dark space: where it resides, its forms,

functions and inhabitants. To locate and situate dark architecture is an attempt

to explore the potentials and eventually - if possible - apply these characteristics

towards a design of, or for, the dark side of architecture.


Psychology, Industrial




Carleton University

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