Tilted fiber Bragg grating sensor interrogation system using a high-resolution silicon-on-insulator arrayed waveguide grating.


  • Cheben, Pavel
  • Post, Edith
  • Janz, Siegfried
  • Albert, Jacques
  • Laronche, Albane
  • Schmid, Jens H
  • Xu, Dan-Xia
  • Lamontagne, Boris
  • Lapointe, Jean
  • Delâge, André
  • Densmore, Adam




We report a compact high-resolution arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) interrogator system designed to measure the relative wavelength spacing between two individual resonances of a tilted fiber Bragg grating (TFBG) refractometer. The TFBG refractometer benefits from an internal wavelength and power reference provided by the core mode reflection resonance that can be used to determine cladding mode perturbations with high accuracy. The AWG interrogator is a planar waveguide device fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator platform, having 50 channels with a 0.18 nm wavelength separation and a footprint of 8 mm×8 mm. By overlaying two adjacent interference orders of the AWG we demonstrate simultaneous monitoring of two widely separated resonances in real time with high wavelength resolution. The standard deviation of the measured wavelength shifts is 1.2 pm, and it is limited by the resolution of the optical spectrum analyzer used for the interrogator calibration measurements.


OSA Publishing

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Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

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Faculty of Engineering and Design

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Department of Electronics

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