Color Tunable Plasmonic Devices

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Rankin, Alasdair Patrick




Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) is a resonant optical phenomenon arising within nanoscale metallic particles and is capable of generating vibrant, high resolution and enduring colour. Coupled with their high sensitivity to nearby changes, such structures have been the focus of significant research over the past couple decades. At present, much of the investigation has been focused towards developing novel nanomaterials along with new processes for their realization. While such efforts have yielded an array of impressive static colour features, progress towards realizing dynamic devices has only recently gained significant traction. In recent years, several researchers have reported upon dynamic plasmonic response primarily based on mechanically tunable or electro-chromic responses.

This document focuses on the development of novel mechanically and electrically responsive plasmonic features. Dynamic colour was achieved by embedding metal nanoparticles within a deformable gap. The gap serves to control the optical coupling between the nanoparticles and an opposing reflector film; as the gap changes, so to does the color. The intent of this work is to develop a structure that is amenable to volume manufacturing and that has the potential for broad colour response.


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