The Lines of Concession 9 Part Lot 5: An Imagined Architectural Project on the Skootamatta River

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Fyfe-Loose, Jessie Thorunn




This thesis attempts to understand ‘lines’; lines on a specific site (site-lines) and how the
architect responds and reads those ‘sight-lines’. Even those lines that are visible but not
seen, due to their ubiquity or our habitude. Lines that may seem permanent, transient,
seasonal, narrative, temporary or metaphysical.
The site is to be found on the Skootamatta River in the township of Elzevir in the
Province of Ontario, Canada. The plot of land can be seen from that impossible view,
bird’s eye, as a slightly irregular rectangular patch in a quilt of others seemingly just like
it. On the
official land registry map it is called Concession 9 part Lot 5.
This thesis will investigate the types of lines found on Concession 9 part Lot 5 to inform
a reading of the site that provides the architect with considerations of the land beyond
that of the objective survey that is often preliminary to design. The resultant ‘maps of
consideration’ are made of the layers of lines and will influence the design and build of a
small intervention where the invited and uninvited may retreat to share their stories if
they are moved to do so.






Carleton University

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