Experimental investigation of boundary-layer control by tangential injection


Gooden, R. Kent




An experimental study of boundary-layer control by tangential injection in a two-dimensional flow is described and data representing eighteen different flows are presented. The data includes a variety of velocity profile types measured on plane and strongly curved surfaces in the presence of a range of adverse pressure gradients.

Two-dimensionality of the flow was established using boundary-layer suction. The quality of this flow was checked by hotwire and total pressure traverses as well as by measurements of static pressure distribution in the spanwise direction.

By varying the momentum flux from blowing slots in plane and curved surfaces placed in close proximity to one another, with a given freestream velocity, a wide variety of adverse pressure gradients was produced. Mean velocity profiles were measured at various positions downstream of the slots on both surfaces for several values of Cμw and Cμc, the momentum coefficients for the plane wall and curved surface slots respectively. The measurements have extended the data available for the types of flow associated with tangential injection and allow further evaluation of prediction methods for various applications of boundary-layer control by blowing.


Aerospace engineering




Carleton University

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Engineering, Aeronautical

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