Decay Predictions for the Georgi-Machacek Extended Higgs Particle Model

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Reimer, Mark




The Georgi-Machacek (GM) model is a theoretical particle model which hypothesizes the existence of additional Higgs particles, the most notable of which is a Higgs particle with a double electric charge (+2e). The GM model thus serves as a useful prototype for determining the experimental behaviour of models which contain doubly-charged Higgs particles. To aid in the search for such particles, we have utilized the public code GMCALC to conduct a systematic study of a benchmark for the GM model. We have computed a complete set of predictions for particle behaviour, primarily decay rates and branching ratios. We have also made improvements to the GMCALC code so that it will be able to compute decay rates more accurately and efficiently in the low-scalar-mass region of parameter space. We will present these results below.


Elementary Particles and High Energy




Carleton University

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