Calculations of turbulent swirling flows in varied annuli using finite volume method


Chen, Kun




A computer program has been developed to investigate turbulence models for computation of axi-symmetric turbulent swirling flows in annular ducts of varying wall radii. Specifically, the parabolized Navier-Stokes equations and the continuity equation, which govern steady, incompressible viscous flow have been cast in non-dimensional finite volume form suitable for solution by a streamwise marching algorithm.

The algorithm has been implemented in a FORTRAN computer source code and solutions for turbulent swirling flows in various annular duct geometries have been obtained. Fluid dynamic parameters such as velocity and static pressure distributions have been plotted and compared with other solutions and experimental data where available. The mixing length model of Galbraith, Sjolander and Head(1977) was employed to model the Reynolds stress terms in the momentum equations.

The finite-volume formulation, the solution algorithm, the computer program and computed results are described in this thesis. A review of related earlier work is also presented.


Turbulence -- Computer Simulation




Carleton University

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Engineering, Aeronautical

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