Analysis and design of fibre reinforced composite structural elements


Allidina, Shamsudin A.




The structural element considered in this study is a laminated plate with a circular hole under uniaxial tension. The promising and recently developed theory of laminated composites is used in establishing equations describing the laminate behavior. A specially orthotropic plate is analysed to study stress and strain concentrations and their distribution on the hole periphery. Failure analysis is then pursued to find the load at laminate failure, and the point on the hole periphery where the failure occurs. Optimization of material design, through lamina orientation, with a view to carrying maximum possible load is carried out. Also progressive lamina failures in a specially orthotropic laminate have been studied. This study has necessitated use of digital computer facilities. Two programs have been developed and are included. The laminate behavior predicted by the theory developed is compared with available experimental results.


Mechanical engineering




Carleton University

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Engineering, Mechanical.

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