The Martian Manual. A guide to surviving the process of becoming a multiplanetary civilization through the habitation of Mars: Examining the architectural narrative in design.

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Pabila, Jagmeet




The Martian frontier is the next great adventure for humanity. This thesis will explore the process of inhabiting the Mars. I examine the need for humanity to expand its reach into the universe, for the survival of the species, or becoming a multiplanetary species. As climate change and global warming become ever more present and increasing in severity, many different scenarios to respond to this crisis are being explored by scientists and governments, and I venture to ask: if humanity needs to leave our home planet and start new on another, how would we survive? This thesis is centred around a science fiction narrative, envisioning a journey of a Mars rover traversing the planet to begin settling the planet. To guide my narrative and design, cues from science fiction and scientific facts are used to make informed decisions on the formation of a Martian settlement.






Carleton University

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