Polysystemic chronic candidiasis and the challenge to the disease model : an exploratory investigation


Galloway, Susan




In recent years the medical profession has been obliged to look at, and to find ways to deal with, a variety of chronic illnesses. While there has been a call by some toward a more preventive and wholistic approach to both medicine and patients, it has still been difficult to deal with chronic illnesses which slowly creep on with a wide variety of symptoms until finally one day the patient can be diagnosed with a "disease" the medical profession can deal with.

This particular thesis was designed to gain initial insight into the experiences people have with Polysytemic Chronic Candidiasis (PCC). Issues of the coping strategies utilised by men and women who have been coping with PCC, the focus of their health locus of control and how lifestyle is related to this chronic dis-ease were addressed.

Fifty-nine women and 9 men completed a questionnaire designed to access responses to these issues. The findings suggest that this sample almost certainly has yeast-related health problems and, as a group score higher than normal for depressive symptomatology. Suggestions that the control of their health tends to be placed more away from Powerful Others than actually for Internal locus of control were made. Participants tended to choose more engagement-oriented coping strategies, but not consistently.

Relationships were found between impact, control, depression and perceived stress. Relationships were also discovered between health locus of control and engagement-disengagement coping strategies. Recommendations were made for further research to look at the processes and stages involved with PCC.


Candida Albicans
Candidiasis -- Treatment
Holistic Medicine
Immune System




Carleton University

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