In(tro)vert: A Dimension of the Fantastic

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Gillespie, Carolyn Joan




A curtain, in terms of performance, creates a threshold of control between viewer and performer. This act of concealment enables the engagement of one’s imagination concerning the potential for what is to come. What is the potential of a curtain? For the purposes of theatre, the curtain is used as a movable screen serving to disguise the stage, the performance of seeing without being seen.

There is a feeling of anticipation, which builds through the metaphor of the curtain. The mind is given the ability to cross freely between the thresholds of fantasy and reality. Similarly, photography carries a meaning in itself; a capture revealing the curtain’s moment of anticipation. Utilizing photography as a means of translating the dimension of the fantastic into built form develops a narrative of controlled light, movement, and space. The city, the street, and the obscured reality beyond will be discovered through this lens.






Carleton University

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