"You Can Only Deny Me for So Long by Saying I Don't Exist": A Critical Examination of Racialized Femmephobia and Femme Invisibility

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Donelle, Celine




This is a research project exploring the intersections of femme subjectivity, femmephobia, and race and racism. Specifically, I critique an essentialized understanding of femmephobia which centralizes 'unmarked' white femme bodies, and thus silences the experiences of queer racialized femmes. By way of semi-structured interviews with ten queer racialized femmes and an exploration of corporate media representations of racialized queer femmes, this thesis examines how discussions of race and racism are integral to discussions surrounding femmephobia and femme invisibility. I argue both that corporate media productions increase invisibility and erasure for femmes but also how this invisibility and erasure has shaped the experiences of racialized queer femmes in particular.


Women's Studies




Carleton University

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Women's and Gender Studies

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