International Program for the Development of Communication : an analysis of its prospects


Domatob, Jerry




The debate on the New International Information and Communications Order (NWICO) has resulted in the birth of the International Program for the Development of Communications (IPDC). This thesis analyses the program's prospects.

Chapter One examines the theoretical issues related to the NWICO. Chapter Two traces the history and states the aims and objectives of IPDC. Chapter three—the crux of the analysis— explores the role IPDC might play in the evolving information controversy. The program may do one of three things. It may foster the status quo under the guise of free flow of information; it may usher in a new era of interdependence between the developed and developing countries; or it may become an instrument of development journalism and communication. This paper examines these prospects in the light of past experiences. Having examined the "ifs" and "buts" which may lead to one of the other, the conclusion proposes measures to ensure success for the IPDC.


Unesco. International Program For The Development Of Communications
Intercultural Communication




Carleton University

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