Bragg gratings fabricated in monomode by UV exposure through a phase mask photosensitive optical fiber


  • Hill, K.
  • Bilodeau, F. O.
  • Johnson, D. C.
  • Albert, Jacques




A photolithographic method is described for fabricatingrefractive indexBragg gratings in photosensitive optical fiber by using a special phase mask grating made of silicaglass. A KrF excimer laser beam (249 nm) at normal incidence is modulated spatially by the phase mask grating. The diffracted light, which forms a periodic, high‐contrast intensity pattern with half the phase mask grating pitch, photoimprints a refractive index modulation into the core of photosensitive fiber placed behind, in proximity, and parallel, to the mask; the phase mask grating striations are oriented normal to the fiber axis. This method of fabricating in‐fiber Bragg gratings is flexible, simple to use, results in reduced mechanical sensitivity of the grating writing apparatus and is functional even with low spatial and temporal coherence laser sources.


AIP Publishing

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Faculty of Engineering and Design

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Department of Electronics

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