Metamorphic Evolution of the Lower Nappes of the Kalak Nappe Complex in Eastern Finnmark (Norway)

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Heldwein, Olivier Karl Anton




Garnet grains in metapelites of the lower nappes of the Kalak Nappe Complex in Eastern Finnmark typically show two growth zones: Garnet 1 forms the cores of the grains and grew along a P-T path with a ~20 bar/°C slope. Its growth started at ~515 °C and ~3250-5500 bar and finished at ~570 °C. The maximum pressure experienced during garnet 1 growth increases down the nappe pile. Garnet 2, which forms the rims of the garnet grains, grew during a near-isothermal pressure increase of ~500-1500 bar. Microtextural evidence indicates pre- to syn-kinematic growth of garnet 1 and post-kinematic growth of garnet 2. Lu-Hf garnet/whole-rock age dating points to growth of garnet 1 at 463±17 Ma and a maximum age of ~429 Ma for garnet 2. The hiatus between garnet 1 and garnet 2 growth was of short duration, and garnet growth might have been continuous in the lowest structural levels.






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