Patents and management/technical agreements in developing countries : the case of Tanzania


Chambua, Samwel E.




The major concern of this thesis is the transfer of technology to Tanzania through patents and management/technical agreements. A hidden but obvious assumption underlying this study is that the transfer of technology to developing countries in general and Tanzania in particular should result in minimizing if not terminating external dependence - technological or otherwise of the recipient countries. This thesis, therefore, focuses on those economic effects of such a transfer of technology that tend to perpetuate technological dependence rather than its demise. In line with the dependence perspective which is employed qualitatively in this thesis, the analysis starts with a discussion of the world system - the international patent system. In Chapter three the analysis shifts to a discussion on how Tanzania was incorporated in the world system and relations of dependence established as a result. Chapter four deals with the transfer of technology to Tanzania through patents and management agreements with multinational corporations. Here in four management agreements are presented and discussed. The conclusion drawn from this study is that technological dependence in Tanzania albeit in new forms, tend to be perpetuated rather than reduced by the very process of technological transfer intended to eradicate it.


Technology Transfer -- Tanzania
Tanzania -- Economic conditions, -- 1964-




Carleton University

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