Power Supply Induced Jitter Including the Ground Bounce and Transmission Media Effects

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Javaid, Ahsan Mohammad




In this thesis, an efficient method for estimation of power supply induced jitter (PSIJ) in high-speed designs is presented. EMPSIJ method is advanced to handle the combined effects of both the transmission media and ground bounce in the presence of supply noise. Semi-analytical relations are developed based on small-signal noise analysis for quick estimation of PSIJ and one bit simulation of the large-signal model. Also, an alternative and systematic approach is proposed based on MNA formulation and Thomas Algorithm. Also, a novel closed-form model for transmission line type interconnects is developed relating the input and the output nodes of the transmission line, which enables efficient PSIJ analysis in the presence of PCB traces. The proposed model is also advanced to include the effect of load. Several validating examples are presented for the proposed approaches and the results are compared with HSPICE to validate the accuracy and efficiency.


Electrical engineering
Computer engineering




Carleton University

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Engineering, Electrical and Computer

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