Difference in the behavior of oxygen deficient defects in Ge-doped silica optical fiber preforms under ArF and KrF excimer laser irradiation


  • Essid, M.
  • Brebner, J. L.
  • Albert, Jacques
  • Awazu, K.




Photobleaching of optical absorption bands in the 5 eV region and the creation of others at higher and lower energy have been examined in the case of ArF (6.4 eV) and KrF (5 eV) excimer laserirradiation of 3GeO2:97SiO2glasses. We report a difference in the transformation process of the neutral oxygen monovacancy and also of the germanium lone pair center (GLPC) into electron trap centers associated with fourfold coordinated Ge ions and Ge-E′ centers when we use one or the other laser. Correlations between absorption bands and electron spin resonance signals were made after different steps of laser irradiation. It was found that the KrF laser generates twice as many Ge-E′ centers as the ArF laser for the same dose of energy delivered. The main reason for this difference is found to be the more efficient bleaching of the GLPC (5.14 eV) by the KrF laser compared to that by the ArF laser.


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Faculty of Engineering and Design

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Department of Electronics

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