Comparison of one-photon and two-photon effects in the photosensitivity of germanium-doped silica optical fibers exposed to intense ArF excimer laser pulses


  • Albert, Jacques
  • Malo, B.
  • Hill, K. O.
  • Bilodeau, F. O.
  • Johnson, D. C.




The growth rate of fiber Bragg gratings written using 193 nm light from an ArF excimer laser is linearly proportional to the laser pulse energy density for fibers with high germanium doping but proportional to the square of the pulse energy density for standard telecommunications fibers with low germanium concentration. The two‐photon process in standard fibers yields refractive index increases that saturate around 10−3, an order of magnitude improvement over previous results in this type of fiber without sensitization treatment. The two types of photoinduced refractive indexgratings have comparable thermal stability and preserve about 50% of their initial magnitude after 30 min at 600 °C.


AIP Publishing

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Faculty of Engineering and Design

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Department of Electronics

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