Sugar and agricultural diversification in the Barbadian economy : an overview


Gilmore, William Christopher




In essence this study seeks to examine, by way of a 'macro' or 'overview' approach, the evolution and present posture of the agricultural sector of the island economy of Barbados.

Thus, the first two Chapters deal with the major evolutionary forces and events at work from the days of settlement to the immediate post-World War II period.

From the above study we go on to identify the twin forces of sugar production and crop diversification as crucial to the contemporary well being of that sector. Chapter III discusses the efforts to achieve an appropriate balance between them.

Finally, Chapter IV attempts, in a general way, to view agriculture within the context of the economy as a whole and to enumerate the basic lessons of the past which may be of assistance to those who will seek to formulate appropriate policies for development in the years to come.


Sugar Growing -- Barbados
Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- Barbados




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