A, Time, Once, Upon : architecture.Architectural manifestation of hypertexual narrative as a library in Jerusalem


Amir Jafari, Mohammad, 1981-




The aim of this thesis is to integrate the hypertextual narrative idea into the design process and the conception of architectural experience by designing a building as a metaphorical embodiment of hypertextual narrative presence. This paper will thoroughly examine hypertext narrative theories as a scaffold through which to understand, to criticize and to develop new architectural forms. This understanding will then facilitate accomplishing the final objective, which is to design a new library in Jerusalem: an ideal institution for occurrence, development and presentation of hypertextual narratives. The exploration is geared towards the potential of making multiple interpretations through differentiation of the possible paths that could be taken by a reader within a hypertextual architecture. By examining how the architectural-reader can partake in the process of shaping and reshaping architecture's experience, form and content. The theoretical framework is built upon a combination of interrelated Textual disciplines. The study borrows, combines, compares and contrasts perspectives from Narratology, Textual and Hypertext Theory and Media Theories. With this in mind, it questions the preconceptions of text present in several theoretical traditions and the possible differentiations of these ideological perspectives in relation to architecture. 


Library architecture -- Jerusalem -- Designs and plans.
Architectural writings.




Carleton University

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