Continuously Tunable Photonic Fractional Temporal Differentiator Based on a Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating


  • Li, Ming
  • Shao, Li-Yang
  • Albert, Jacques
  • Yao, Jianping




A tunable temporal photonic fractional differentiator implemented based on a tilted fiber Bragg grating is proposed and demonstrated. The phase response at a cladding mode resonant wavelength is strongly polarization-dependent and the fractional order of the photonic differentiator can be continuously tuned by changing the polarization state of the input light wave. A proof-ofconcept experiment is carried out. The fractional differentiation of an optical Gaussian pulse with a bandwidth of 40 GHz is demonstrated, in which the fractional order is continuously tuned from 0.81 to 1.42.

Index Terms—Polarization, tilted fiber Bragg grating (TFBG), tunable photonic fractional differentiator.


IEEE Photonics Society

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Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

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Faculty of Engineering and Design

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Department of Electronics

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