Mapping ACL to JavaMOP: A Feasibility Study

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Beltramin, Joshua




Model-based testing (MBT) is a quality assurance technique where a test suite is
generated from an abstract model. There are a number of different approaches to
accomplish model-based testing. While state-based techniques dominate, they have
a number of inherent issues. These issues have led to the pursuit of alternatives such
as scenario-based approaches.
ACL/VF is one such scenario-based approach. Developed by Dr. Corriveau
and his students, the ACL/VF system provides both a language to specify an
implementation-independent testable model of a specification and the tool to validate
implementation against this model. However, the current implementation of
ACL/VF has a number of issues that prevent it from being a usable solution. In particular,
the current version of ACL/VF is extremely .NET3.5 specific. Unfortunately,
upgrading it to a more recent version of .NET essentially amounts to a complete
rewrite. Given the widespread use of Java, a most immediate research question is
to determine whether or not it is feasible to reimplement ACL/VF on that platform.
Our claim is that this reimplementation can be accomplished through a mapping from
ACL specifications to JavaMOP
monitor specifications. The following thesis provides
two case studies supporting this claim as well as an element-by-element proposed


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