L'apport de la theorie feministe dans deux romans d'Anne Hebert : Kamouraska et Le Premier Jardin


Gandhi, Anita Raksha




The question of subjectivity abounds when one reads the works of Anne Hebert. Through this study, we have attempted to undertake with the two female protagonists of the novels, Kamouraska and Le Premier Jardin their own search for subjectivity. In doing so, we have examined the diverse roles played by Elisabeth d'Aulnieres and Flora Fontanges respectively, as well as their interactions with secondary characters in the novel which exert an influence on this search for their own subjectivity. This led us to the opposition between nature and culture, which is a key element in the study of female subjectivity. Finally, we saw the process which led to Elisabeth becoming further victimized by her own society, while Flora is able to find a certain degree of liberation through her experiences as an actress.


Hebert, Anne, 1916-2000 -- Criticism and interpretation
Hebert, Anne, 1916-2000. Kamouraska
Hebert, Anne, 1916-2000. Premier Jardin
Feminism In Literature




Carleton University

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