The phytogeography of the lichens of Fundy National Park


Gowan, Sharon P.




Four hundred and thirty-one lichens, plus numerous related ascomycetes and lichenicolous fungi are reported from Fundy National Park, in the hemiboreal subzone on the east coast of Canada. Three hundred and fourteen records are new for New Brunswick; 20 are new for eastern Canada; 21 are new for Canada; and Arthonia leucopellaea, Lecidea atrofulva and Parmelia fertilis are new for North America. North American bioclimatic and vegetational zones are synthesized from published sources, and general principles of lichen phytogeography are discussed. A sample consisting of 36% of the lichen flora is classified on the basis of centers of distribution in the arctic, boreal, temperate or tropical zone. Six percent are arctic; 33% are boreal; 56% are temperate; and 5% are tropical. Following a description of each of the four major zones, the distribution patterns formed by lichens within the North American part of each zone are characterized. World affinities are summarized, and the ecological and historical implications of distribution patterns are discussed for each element. 


Lichens -- New Brunswick -- Geographical Distribution
Fundy National Park (N.B.)




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