Search for a Fermionic Top Partner in Unexplored Decay Modes

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Easa, Hassan Khan




We investigate the existence of a new fermionic partner to the top quark in light of the current experimental searches conducted at the colliders. The model presented here is phenomenologically attractive because it is less constrained than the traditional decay modes of the top partner. It also has the potential to cancel the quadratic divergences in the Higgs mass. In addition to the new fermion, the model contains another scalar particle that mediates interactions with the Standard Model light quarks. From experimental searches, we find that current LHC searches exclude the top partner mass (new fermion) of about 350 GeV (and some other points in the mTmη-plane) for its decay to light quarks. On the other hand, when the top partner decays to a top and two light quarks, the lower limit obtained on the top partner mass can be as large as 650 GeV.


Elementary Particles and High Energy




Carleton University

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