The Dynamic operation of magnetic reed relays


Cornu, Jozef




This thesis deals in a "pragmatic" way with the problem of finding the actual behavior of magnetic reed relays and the factors which influence this operation.

In chapter II a thermodynamical approach to this problem has been outlined. Chapter III treats the magnetization process in the reed, using two different concepts, whereas in chapter IV a mechanical equation for the reeds has been derived.

The experimental methods are explained in chapter V. Chapter VI contains a discussion of the experimental results in comparison with the predictions of theory. Finally in chapter VII all these results have been combined into a set of differential equations which describe the behavior of the reeds.

Throughout this thesis more importance has been attached to finding the influence factors which are important for design than to finding exactly the operation of the reeds as they are now. It has been shown that the classical approach using an effective area, as outlined in chapter I, is not suitable for this problem, and that the flux pattern is really the most innortant influence factor. Also it has become clear that saturation is reached before the reeds actually start moving so that knowledge of the static forces may be sufficient to predict the operation of the reeds.


Electric Relays




Carleton University

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Engineering, Electrical

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