Effects of Short-Term Environmental Enrichment on Cognition and Neurogenic Potential: Juvenile Versus Adult Mice

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Chandler, Kathleen T.




Adult neurogenesis is limited to specific niches in the brain: the dentate gyrus (DG) and the subventricular zone (SVZ). The proliferation potential of these neural stem cells is plastic and responds to environmental manipulations. It has previously been shown that short-term environmental enrichment is sufficient to increase the proliferation of the GFAP+ stem cells in the DG of juvenile mice in vivo (Salmaso, 2012). Using male C57 wild-type mice, we examined the potential of SVZ and DG NSCs in vitro following short-term enrichment using neurosphere assays in both juvenile and adult mice. We also examined the effect of enrichment on cognitive abilities such as learning and memory as well as anxiety behaviour. As expected, we saw a trend that indicated that enrichment increased NSC proliferation in the SVZ in juvenile but not adult mice. We also observed an effect of enrichment on the cognitive abilities of both age groups.


Cell biology




Carleton University

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