Effect of proton implantation on the photosensitivity of SMF-28 optical fiber


  • Albert, Jacques
  • Brebner, J. L.
  • Roorda, S.
  • Tchebotareva, A. L.




Protons accelerated to multi-MeV energy have enough range in silica to reach the core of 125 μm-diameter single-mode telecommunication optical fibers located 62.5 μm under the outside surface. As a result of proton implantation, a waveguiding region appears near the end of range of the protons. After proton implantation in the core at doses of 5 × 1015 H+/cm2 or less the photosensitivity of proton-implanted fibers with respect to ArF excimer laser light was found to decrease.



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Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

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Faculty of Engineering and Design

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Department of Electronics

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