Exploring Fictional Scenarios of Pervasive Computing to Identify Meaningful Gestures for Intuitive Interactions

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Bianchi, Daniel Abs da Cruz




Technological advances in pervasive computing have expanded the possibilities of seamless interactions between people and technology through the use of gestures. However, gesture-based interactions challenge designers who need to understand people’s preferences when dealing with technology-enabled environments. Limitations of current technologies complicate the exploration of gesture-based interactions. This research examines fictional scenarios of possible futures for pervasive computing intending to identify opportunities for gestures that can replace traditional inputs. The examination of future technologies through fiction and centred on users' preferences contributes to understanding the potential of interactions focused on body movement and grounded in users’ context. Applying gestures that reflect people’s preferences may lead to the design of intuitive interactions. This study reveals a correlation between gestures observed in fiction and those generated by users. It also reveals issues and opportunities for improving gesture-based interactions.


Mass Communications




Carleton University

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Industrial Design

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