Numerical simulation of a Bendix, Hyge actuator


Friberg, David J. (David Joseph)




This thesis summarizes the work performed in providing the Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine with a means of predicting the response of their Impact Test Facility's Hyge Actuator. The means chosen to provide this capability was to develop a computer program capable of predicting the Actuator's response, in the form of graphs of acceleration, velocity and distance versus time. This is done by performing a Numerical Simulation of the system using initial conditions entered by the system operator.

The process of developing this program included:

1) A search of literature pertaining to similar simulations.

2) The study and analysis of the operation of the Hyge system and the development of an analytical model which accurately predicts the behaviour of the Hyge System.

3) The integration of this model into a computer program which can be used by system operators who might not be well versed in thermo-dynamics or numerical solution techniques.

4) The performance of a series of trial runs aimed at assessing the accuracy of this program.


Crash Injuries -- Mathematical Models




Carleton University

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Engineering, Mechanical

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