ĀYAT AL-QĀHIRAH: Cairo's Cosmic Realms and Earthly Realities

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Salama, Rehab




Āyat al-Qāhirah is an exploration of Cairo's sacred architecture as a mediator where the human, the landscape, and the cosmos collide and coalesce. The project analyzes, interprets, and speculates how architecture and architectural representation becomes a spatio-urban bridge between the earthly and the cosmic. Framed as a travelogue that links matter and spirit, the thesis uses drawing as a catalyst to propose a series of conceptual architectural experiences that negotiate a network of thresholds between the sacred and the everyday as registers of the visible and the invisible. The project proposes a network of architectural tethers, that link this world and imagined corollaries. Connecting the seen and the unseen, the sensible and the unintelligible, the physical and the metaphysical, the quotidian and the divine, serving as a timeless manifestation of hidden orders imposed on the material world through the constant motions - or harakat - of the cosmos and earth.


Philosophy of Religion




Carleton University

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