Photosensitivity in phosphorus-doped silica glass and optical waveguides


  • Malo, B.
  • Albert, Jacques
  • Bilodeau, F.
  • Kitagawa, T.
  • Johnson, D. C.
  • Hill, K. O.
  • Hattori, K.
  • Hibino, Y.
  • Gujrathi, S.




Irradiation of hydrogen loaded or flame brushed phosphorus doped,germanium free silicaglass with a 193‐nm ArF excimer laser changes the optical absorption at ultraviolet wavelengths by 40–140 dB/mm and the refractive index by more than 2×10−4. Bragg gratings with 90%–95% reflectivity are photoinduced in channel optical waveguides made from this glass. The thermal stability of the photosensitivity is measured by annealing up to 700 °C.


AIP Publishing

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Faculty of Engineering and Design

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