Information handling and its effect on organization


Gardner, Melvin Thomas




This thesis presents a theory of organization in which the dynamics of change in organization are closely related to the introduction and use of computer based information handling systems. It argues that the computer and its associated specialists permit management to be kept well informed of internal and external activities and the need for organizational change. System design can incorporate, if management so desires, provision for automatic interchange of information between systems serving separate but interrelated organizations.

Four cases are presented to show what has been done by industry and the United States Department of Defense to take advantage of the new technology. The extent to which their progress has influenced Canadian government departments and agencies is examined.

A discussion of the forces at work and the consequent trends toward more participation by senior management and a coordinated Canadian government effort, leads to the conclusion that if early action is taken to standardize, then expensive redesign later on for compatibility of the various information handling systems being automated by departments and agencies can be avoided. A model is suggested by which the basic elements of coordination can be kept conveniently in perspective and through which the effective interrelationship of information handling systems and organization can be achieved.


Communication In Management
Information Storage And Retrieval Systems




Carleton University

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Public Administration

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