A revision of the genus macrophya dahlbom (hymenoptera : tenthredinidae) of America north of Mexico


Gibson, Gary Alfred Peter




The species of the genus Macrophya Dahlbom (Tenthredinidae: Tenthredininae) of America north of Mexico are revised. Forty-six species and two subgenera are recognized, Macrophya s. str. with forty-five species, and Pseudomacrophya Enslin with a single species. The subgenus Paramacrophya Forsius is newly synonymized with Macrophya s. str. Eleven species are described as new: amediata, epinolineata, macgillivrayi, masneri, masoni, mensa, nirvana, phylacida, senacca, serratalineata, and smithi; and the following new synonymy proposed: albomaculata (Norton) = contaminata Provancher, errans Rohwer, and fuscoterminata Rohwer; bifasciata (Say) = pulcherrima Kirby; cassandra Kirby = albilabris Harrington, bellula MacGillivray, and externiformis Rohwer; flavolineata (Norton) = confusa MacGillivray, crassicornis Provancher, (?) lineata Norton, and proximata Norton; flicta MacGillivray = fistula MacGillivray; fuliginea Norton = castaneae Rohwer; fumator Norton = pumila Norton, and subviolacea Cresson; mixta MacGillivray = bilineata Dyar nec MacGillivray; nigra (Norton) = minuta MacGillivray; oregona Cresson = obaerata MacGillivray, and obaerata var. dukiae Ross; pannosa (Say) = flaccida MacGillivray, and raui Rohwer; pulchella (Klug) = albifacies Kirby, dvari Rohwer, ornata MacGillivray, and trosula (Norton); pulchelliformis Rohwer = nebraskensis Rohwer; trisyllaba (Norton) = zonalis Norton; and varia (Norton) = fascialis Norton, and fascialis var. puella Ross. Macrophya varius var. festana Ross is removed from synonymy with M. varia (Norton) and accorded specific status, and the following species removed from previous synonymy and recognized as valid species: simillima Rohwer (from intermedia (Norton)) flavolineata (Norton), lineatana Rohwer, and zoe Kirby (from pulchella (Klug)); and oregona Cresson (from pumila Norton). Macrophya dejecta (Norton) is removed from the list of Nearctic species, being removed from synonymy with M. cinetula (Norton) and synonymized with the Palearctic species M. annulata (Geoffroy). Macrophya annulipes Cresson and Sciapteryx coquilletti Rohwer are excluded from Macrophya, these two species considered as belonging to a presently undescribed genus; and Allantus cestus Say is considered as an unrecognized taxon of Tenthredinidae. Neotypes are designated for Allantus intermedius Norton, and A. epinotus Say, and lectotypes designated for species where necessary. The limits of the genus and subgenera are discussed, as are the relationships between the Nearctic and Palearctic faunas. The species assigned to Macrophya s. str. are divided into three main species-groups based on  morphological, genitalic, and chromatic characters, while chromatic characters are used to subdivide one of the species-groups further. Keys to the adults, males and females,


Hymenoptera -- North America




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