The Implementation of security mechanisms in the ADD system


Dawson, David Douglas




The need for database security has increased as a result of social and corporate demands for more information privacy. Distributed databases have added a further dimension to the complexity of this task. This dissertation addresses security in the context of the ADD System under development at Carleton University. Security issues are defined in terms of three security measures; Organizational, Physical and Technical. In turn, these are provided through a set of five security mechanisms consisting of Identification, Access Management and Control, Isolation, Integrity and Surveillance. Isolation and Access Management and Control are proposed as structurally internal to ADD and are assessed as having minimal impact on system operation and performance if implemented during conceptual development. Identification, Isolation, Integrity and Surveillance are proposed as add-on modules and assessed, through illustrative example, as degrading system capacity, performance and reliability. Final recommendations include adoption of the proposed implementations in ADD and further research to ensure optimum application.


Electronic Data Processing Departments -- Security Measures
Computers -- Access Control




Carleton University

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Engineering, Electrical

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