Political Cosmopolitanism: A Humanized and Socialized Account of Global Citizenship in Action

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Stirling, Shoshana Arielle




In this thesis, I propose a humanized and socialized account of cosmopolitan global citizenship. Cosmopolitanism has merits and applicability in our globalized society, but its basis on universalism and impartiality can unjustly homogenize public discourse and limit citizenship activity. In my first chapter I interrogate these concepts and appeal to the capabilities approach to humanize impartiality, making cosmopolitanism more inclusive and diverse. In my second chapter I use Iris Marion Young’s social connection model to highlight cross-border relationality and obligations as a basis for the praxis of cosmopolitan global citizenship. In my third chapter I apply the social connection model to bolster the concept of global citizenship as it is used in international service learning projects. Overall this thesis presents an argument for and a guide to working out the activities and obligations of cosmopolitan global citizenship, with the end of addressing injustice on a global scale.






Carleton University

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