Study of an adaptive method of controlling blood glucose concentration


Ghatage, Anant Vishnu




A study is made of an adaptive method to control the blood sugar concentration during a glucose tolerance test using a digital computer.

An adaptive algorithm is implemented as a digital computer program. A mathematical model of the glucose regulatory system is used in the study. This model incorporates the time delay present in the actual measuring instruments. The adaptive algorithm predicts the present output on the basis of identification of the system as a pulse transfer function and regulates the glucose infusion rate to give a desired blood-glucose concentration.

The algorithm is tested on a hybrid as well as a digital simulation of the glucose regulatory system.

The results of the digital simulation indicate that this algorithm may be used as long as little or no noise is present. Because of computational problems the hybrid simulation was not very successful.

Suggestions are made regarding the possibility of using this algorithm in practice.


Adpative control systems




Carleton University

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Engineering, Electrical

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