An integrated experimental-numerical frost heave prediction model


Chang, Yen




Structural and geotechnical designs of some civil engineering structures require a prediction of potential frost heave. The present study is a novel approach which combines the experimental technique and numerical modelling to predict frost heave more accurately.

The experimental laboratory technique was designed to split the cooling of the soil sample into temperature gradient and the frost penetration rate. It has been shown that the frost heave is largely dependent on the temperature gradient and the frost penetration rate. All the experimental results from a series of testswere integrated in a database.

A one-dimensional numerical simulation has been adopted to use this database for more realistic prediction of frost heave. The resulting experimental-numerical integrated frost heave prediction model was validated against examples of laboratory and field experiments. This new approach is shown to have great potential for use in engineering practice for road construction.


Frost Heaving
Frozen Ground
Roads -- Design And Construction -- Cold Weather Conditions
Soil Mechanics




Carleton University

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Engineering, Civil

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