UV-exposed Bragg gratings for laser applications in silver-sodium ion-exchanged phosphate glass waveguides


  • Yliniemi, Sanna
  • Albert, Jacques
  • Wang, Qing
  • Honkanen, Seppo




High reflectivity Bragg gratings have been written by ArF excimer laser through a phase mask into Schott IOG-1 hybrid phosphate glass. After grating exposure, a waveguide was fabricated by silver-sodium ion-exchange. Reflectivities around 80 % at a wavelength of ∼ 1535 nm were measured from the waveguide for both quasi-TE and -TM polarizations. Waveguide laser operation with the photowritten waveguide grating as another mirror was demonstrated. Output power of 3.8 mW with a pump power of 199 mW could be extracted from the laser configuration.


OSA Publishing

Peer Review: 

Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

Faculty Name: 

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Department Name: 

Department of Electronics

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