Settler-Colonialism and Indigenous Women’s Rights: A Comparative Analysis of the Socioeconomic Impact endured by Indigenous women within 'Canada', and Indigenous Palestinian women within 'Israel'

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Yousef, Talia




This research compares the socioeconomic realities of indigenous women resisting settler colonialism, such as Palestinian women resisting Israel, and women of varying indigenous nations resisting Canada. The purpose of the research aims to address the socio-economic impact of settler-colonialism on indigenous women as a causal relationship. In doing so, the research addresses factors such as indigenous relationships to land, genocide, and continued mechanisms of systemic oppression and discrimination. This comparative analysis, uses lenses of anti-colonial feminism and marxism, while relying on the academic work of indigenous authors as well as statistical data indicating various measures of socio-economic welfare. The observed outcomes situate the rights of indigenous women at the heart of liberation from settler colonialism, and inversely address settler-colonialism as a key mechanism oppressing the rights of indigenous women.


Women's Studies




Carleton University

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Political Economy

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