The Mantle Source of the 2.7 Ga Fe-rich Qullinaaraaluk Intrusion (NE Superior Craton) inferred through long- and short-lived Sm-Nd Systematics

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Mount, Sarah Marie




To provide insight into the Fe-enriched mantle domains that may be the source of ferropicrites, we present a coupled 147Sm-143Nd and 146Sm-142Nd study of the Neoarchean Fe-enriched Qullinaaraaluk intrusion (NESP). An isochron yields an age of 2706 ± 29 Ma, which is interpreted to be the crystallization age of the intrusion. Accounting for the effects of crustal contamination, the initial Ɛ 143Nd values range from -0.39 to +1.26. High-precision measurements of 142Nd/144Nd ratios yield an average μ142Nd of -0.4 ± 5.5, revealing no deviation from the terrestrial standard. The absence of μ142Nd anomaly indicates that the Qullinaaraaluk mantle source does not have a Hadean-formed component. Time-integrated 147Sm/144Nd ratios between 0.1944-0.2012 suggest derivation from a mantle source more enriched than the present-day depleted mantle. Similarities between the initial Ɛ 143Nd of the Qullinaaraaluk intrusion and Superior province ferropicrites indicates that their Fe-enriched mantle source may share a similar history.






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