Coastal zone management in Nova Scotia, a siting guideline


Beed, R. G. (Ronald G.)




A major problem in Coastal Zone Management in Nova Scotia revolves around the need to balance two forces which often oppose each other. On the one hand there is the legitimate need of the economic and social sector to locate facilities or activities on the coastal zone. On the other hand there is the requirement to ensure that the coastal ecosystem is protected. The legal and administrative process in force for allocating coastal sites is fragmented and operates in an ad-hoc manner. Functional responsibilities for the management of this natural resource are divided among the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments in Canada. Sitings of facilities or activities are often delayed or not approved at all in Nova Scotia because of the lack of a common system or process to co-ordinate the administrative requirements related to siting within the context of a comprehensive Coastal Zone Management Plan. This thesis proposes a Siting Guide!ine or administrative framework which is designed to facilitate the co-ordination of requirements related to the siting of facilities or activities on the inshore area of the coastal zone of Nova Scotia.


Coastal Zone Management -- Nova Scotia




Carleton University

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