Political change and mass media development : a case study of the Trinidad Guardian, the Daily Gleaner, and the East African Standard


Charles, Rodney A.




Is there a pari passu relationship between political change and changes in the structure of mass communications? Mass media theory would have us believe that this is the case. This study of a major mass medium in three countries experiencing political  changes indicates that the theory does not have universal applicability. The case studies indicate also, that communication theory on development is far too simplistic and that factors as history, geography, the economy and types of political regimes are necessary to a fuller understanding of a nation's mass communications system. The study suggests, also, the need for more rigid definitions of terms before a relationship between "political change" and "changes in the structure of mass communications" can be identified.

The relationship between political change and changes in the structure of mass communications is, therefore, not known.


Press And Politics -- Kenya
Press And Politics -- Jamaica
Press And Politics -- Trinidad




Carleton University

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