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Curve is an open access repository which holds academic research output and creative work voluntarily deposited by Carleton faculty, staff and students, as well as all dissertations and theses produced at Carleton.

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List of Top Level Communities and Collections:

MacOdrum Library's digital collections. This community contains some special collections, conference proceedings, and Policy and User Agreements. 

A collection of outstanding papers and journal articles written by Carleton University students.

The Bodin Sources Index was established to list and explore all the sources cited in Bodin’s major works. Its scope includes both traditional print sources and also special categories alphabetized separately for non-traditional sources such as manuscripts, letters, oral sources, personal experiences, etc. The symbols used for these special categories are explained more fully on page 4 of the General Introduction.

Recent Resources:

Creator: Said, Fares
Date: 2020
Degree Discipline: Probability and Statistics
Degree Name: Doctor of Philosophy
Creator: Hosseinkhani, Jila
Date: 2020
Degree Discipline: Engineering, Electrical and Computer
Degree Name: Doctor of Philosophy
Creator: Jary, Calvin
Date: 2020
Degree Discipline: FLAG
Degree Name: Master of Applied Science
Creator: Katz-Lavigne, Sarah
Date: 2020
Degree Discipline: International Affairs
Degree Name: Doctor of Philosophy
Creator: Lovelace, Samantha
Date: 2020
Degree Discipline: Industrial Design
Degree Name: Master of Design